Max ElboMax Elbo began his adventure as an artist drawing pictures of bug-eyed monsters driving hot rods, on the T-shirts of his school mates, for 25 cents each (50 cents for color). Later in the 60's, he was one of five or six artists at Detroit's Grande Ballroom where he designed a number of psychedelic posters, handbills & postcards which promoted local and international Rock & Roll acts.

Several of these Grande Ballroom pieces are featured in "The Art of Rock", the definitive guide to rock art. Primarily a self-taught artist, his early influences were many and varied: contemporaries Wes Wilson & the San Francisco poster scene; Aubrey Beardsley, Erte, H. J. Ford, the Russian Constructivists & the East Indian miniaturists of centuries past.

Having stepped away from posters in 1969, and armed only with Crow Quills, Rapidographs, brushes & inks, he retired to a cabin in the wilds of southeast Michigan to experiment with various pen & ink styles. Line work was enhanced by stippling which allowed for precise, realistic effects, & color was added with water colors, gouache, transparent dyes, & acrylics. A variety of subjects & techniques were explored.

His work continued to evolve after relocating to Northwest Arkansas in the mid 70's, and in the year 2000, computer graphics became a valued new tool for creating new images and reformatting existing work. Max's portfolio includes fine art pieces, posters for Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock & Classic Music Festivals; illustrations for a children's book, "The Silver Boat", & artwork for CD covers.

Many of the prints available for purchase from this site, whether limited or open editions, are giclee's. Purchase of Max Elbo's art is processed through Wildewoman & Company, via Paypal.